Psychology of Power

A vital video for understanding the mess we are in.


Rick Doblin from MAPS… leading the fight for the truth about psychedelics

Here is a podcast with Rick Doblin, who has done decades of work towards the clinical study of psychedelics and specifically MDMA with a view to unlocking some of the therapetic potential of these powerful tools.

To me this is very important because any scientific evidence coming to light for the medicinal use of these drugs will help the truth come out! Alcohol is legal yet leads to the deaths of 100s of thousands of people each year… while MDMA is responsible for a relatively tiny number (in the, 100s not 1000s) and could have any number of therapeutic applications, addiction, PTSD, couple counselling… who knows what else?

There’s also a great podcast on the same topic with him here:
It’s a bit more laid back and available in audio from Joe Rogan’s podcast site. Recommended!